Code Pink Holds Contest Protesting President Bush’s Book

Code Pink is conducting a contest involving President Bush’s new book, Decision Points.  Code Pink asserts, “We think Bush’s book belongs in the Crime section and we plan to put it in its place … Join us in moving Bush’s memoir to the bookstore section it belongs to… Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, you decide!”
To enter, people would take a photo of the book, in its new section, and email it to Code Pink.  Winners will receive prizes such as Code Pink’s “War Criminals Playing Cards.”
Code Pink provides special downloadable bookmarks that it suggests be placed in the books.
Code Pink has issued a press release detailing its reaction to the book.
For more information about Code Pink, and a link to its official website, please visit the Peace and Justice Online Directory of Resources.
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5 Responses to Code Pink Holds Contest Protesting President Bush’s Book

  1. Ugg says:

    very good post, i certainly love this website, carry on it

  2. Janis says:

    Great blog it’s not often that I comment but I felt you deserve it.

  3. Susan says:

    Another great idea from Code Pink. I almost had a photo to enter. We were in the Borders at Columbus Circle in NYC Saturday night, and I grabbed my copy of W’s book and searched for the True Crime section. After a few minutes, I found it: Success! I placed it on the shelf, pulled out my cell phone camera and snapped my shot. No one seemed to notice, but it felt real good. It was only after we left that I realized that I hadn’t saved the photo. Darn! Oh well, like I said, it felt good putting that book where it belonged. I heartily recommend following suit. Heck – in the current climate, we have to get our justice where we can find it!

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