Peace Action NYS’s Cheryl Wertz on Korea, Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and the New START Treaty

Cheryl Wertz, the former Executive Director of Peace Action New York State (PANYS), was recently presented with the Kairos Award by the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives.  Cheryl was honored for “her leadership and creative peace work with PANYS.”  She is currently a member of the PANYS board and is also active with Brooklyn for Peace.
In her acceptance speech, Cheryl discussed the importance of the peace movement, touching on the issues involving Korea, Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and the New START Treaty.  The video, below, presents a short excerpt of her speech.
Peace Action and PANYS both offer a number of helpful resources on their websites, including, for example, an Iran Fact Sheet and a Nuclear Weapons Policy Guide.  For information about the organizations, links to their websites, and links to some of the resources they provide, please see the Peace and Justice Online Directory of Resources.
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