Peace and Justice Online Website Highlights Its Top Five Posts

Poverty in AmericaOWS Better World Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

                               Barbara Lee & Bernie SandersMartin Luther King

The Peace and Justice Online website ( has reached a readership milestone.  I am very pleased to announce that the site has achieved a total of more than 20,000 page views.

I am presenting, here, below, links to each of the five most viewed posts, along with a brief summary of each post.  Each post includes a “Comments” option.  Please do not hesitate to add a comment to any of the posts.

I hope you will also check out the website’s Directory of Resources.  This Directory is an annotated listing of online resources for the peace and justice activist.  I will be doubling the number of entries in the Directory, over the next few months.  I would welcome suggestions for sites that you feel would be helpful to include.  Just drop me a note, through the Contacts page.

And now, the Top Five Posts on Peace and Justice Online.

Let’s Eradicate Poverty in America, with Commentary by Michael Moore, Cornel West, Barbara Lee

Poverty in AmericaMore than 46,000,000 people are living in poverty, here in America.  This post features comments by Moore, West, and Lee; along with a short video of excerpts of each of them discussing this problem.

Nonviolence, Peace, and War- In the Words and Voices of Martin Luther King, Dave Dellinger, Dorothy Day, and Others

Martin Luther KingThis post features audio clips of Martin Luther King, Dave Dellinger, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, and Medea Benjamin, speaking of the importance of nonviolent activism.  The post includes a powerful slideshow, coordinated with audio excerpts of King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech.

Barbara Lee & Bernie Sanders: War in Afghanistan & War on the Middle Class

Barbara Lee & Bernie SandersRepresentative Barbara Lee continues to be a leader in the effort to promptly end the war in Afghanistan.  Senator Bernie Sanders persists in his passionate, tireless work on behalf of the 99%.  This post includes discussion of these topics, along with a short video of commentary by Lee and by Sanders.

My Day with Occupy Wall Street; and Naomi Klein, Chris Hedges, Bernie Sanders on OWS

OWS Better WorldI wrote this post following my first participation in Occupy Wall Street, at Zuccotti Park.  The post includes commentary by Klein, Hedges, and Sanders, as well as my own thoughts on OWS.  Importantly, the post links to resources that provide information on ongoing OWS activities.  Journalist and activist Naomi Klein provides wonderful insights in the included video.

Nuclear Power: Dangerous, Dirty & Expensive- 20 Key Facts

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power PlantThis post is, by far, the most viewed on the Peace and Justice Online website.  In this post, I have presented information regarding the dangers of nuclear power, as well as the financial and environmental costs involved.  I provide links to ten excellent websites that provide further info on the subject.  The included video is both informative and powerful, featuring commentary by Dr. Helen Caldicott, Michael Mariotte, and Harvey Wasserman. The post concludes with an anti-nuclear music video, featuring Jackson Browne, Ben Harper, ‘Keb ‘Mo, Graham Nash, and Bonnie Raitt.

Reverend Billy Asks, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

Best Things in LifeThat concluded our Top Five.  However, with the holiday season (almost) approaching, I am linking to this post, which includes the trailer for Reverend Billy’s excellent film, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

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    congratulations Bob!.. May the TRUTH MAKE US FREE!CHUCK   

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