Reverend Billy Asks, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

Update- 2013–   It’s that time again!  We are once again bombarded with holiday shopping advertisements.  Here on Long Island, we are once again demonstrating in support of Walmart workers who are protesting and/or striking for reasonable wages and working conditions.  We are also, once again, operating our Black Friday free store, offering food, clothing, and other items at “100% off, for the 99%.”
If you are in the NYC area, you can see Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, performing live at Joe’s Pub in the afternoons of December 1, 8, 15, 22, 2013 and January 12, 2014.
Update- November 2012-  Black Friday is approaching.  Members of Long Island’s peace and justice organizations will be demonstrating at a local mall, as we do each year at that time.  This year, we will, along with local Occupy groups, hold our demonstration outside of Walmart, as we support the Walmart workers’ Black Friday strike.  We are calling for an end to corporate greed and for a national policy that promotes jobs and not war.
(Update- December 2011: This post from 2010 is still relevant, of course.  Reverend Billy has offered us this message, as he travels this 2011 holiday season, to join Occupy Chicago. “Riding the train 500 miles, I appreciate how vast this country is. Occupying this whole thing is a daunting task. Let’s take our Occupy into our body and soul and work through this winter. Come springtime – watch out! Revolujah!”)

It’s early December.  The shopping frenzy has begun.  I am so glad that we have Reverend Billy and his Church of Life After Shopping, who remind us that “consumerism is overwhelming our lives.”  The Rev asserts, “Corporations want us to have experiences only through their products.”

Reverend Billy and his Church are the subject of the popular docu-comedy film, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

Check out the trailer, below.  The film is widely available on DVD, including from Netflix and Amazon.  (It can also be streamed from Amazon Instant.)  It could be great fun to watch with friends this holiday season.

The Peace and Justice Online Directory of Resources provides more info on the Rev, a link to his website, and a link to a downloadable Community Screening Packet for the film.

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3 Responses to Reverend Billy Asks, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

  1. Yes peace z possible not on line but v have to goinside of heart. That s always there waiting for u. But alone cant.only master can make u able by giving key to open heart where it lies.for more ask me. Peace in heart 1st possible.later on the earth. Ok

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  3. chuck says:

    I have met the inflicted and he is me.

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