About the Site
I am pleased to welcome you to the Peace and Justice Online website.
This site has two main components, the blog and the directory.  The blog postings are on the home page.  Here, I offer commentary on current events and politics.  I also refer the reader to other online content that addresses topics of importance to the peace and justice community.
The directory page provides a diverse collection of annotated links to websites and other online resources that I hope will be of interest to peace and justice activists.
It is my hope that the blog and directory will be helpful to antiwar activists, environmental activists, civil liberties activists, and to all who are working for a more peaceful and just world.
Please do check back often, for new entries to the blog and to the directory.  Please consider subscribing to the site.  On the home page, simply enter your email address in the space provided, and click on, “Follow Peace and Justice Online.”  Whenever there is a new post, you will automatically receive an email of that post, along with a link to the site.  (Your email address is never shared.)
Suggestions and comments, of course, are always welcome.
About Me
As are many of my readers, I am involved in a number of local antiwar and social justice activities.  I am a retired teacher and school administrator.   I am active in two local peace and justice organizations, the North Country Peace Group and the Suffolk Peace Network, both here on Long Island.
I am very glad to be presenting this Peace and Justice Online website.  I hope that you find it to be interesting and helpful.
Bob Marcus