American Friends Service Committee Issues Report Card on the War in Afghanistan

The American Friends Service Committee has recently issued a “Report Card on Performance and Progress for the U.S. War in Afghanistan.”  As with all report cards, to be meaningful, this report card must offer comments that provide details of how things are going.  It must offer practical suggestions for improvement, when improvement is necessary.  The AFSC report card does an excellent job, in my opinion, of providing important details and of offering sensible, practical recommendations for improvement.
For example, here is one of the details that the report card indicates.  “US military continues to spend close to $100 million a day in Afghanistan, while the average spent by all donors on non-military aid is just $7 million per day.”
Here is an example of one of the recommendations offered in the report card.  “Address the real needs of Afghans, which include economic development, education and clean water.”
To read the full report card, including all comments and recommendations, click here.
For more information about the American Friends Service Committee, a link to its website, and links to resources the AFSC offers, please see the American Friends Service Committee entry in the Peace and Justice Online Directory of Resources.
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