Afghans for Peace Releases Video

Afghans for Peace (AFP) is an alliance of Afghans from a wide variety of backgrounds, calling for “a democratic, all inclusive, just and peaceful Afghanistan.”  AFP demands an end to military operations in Afghanistan, conducted by the United States, NATO, and other foreign forces.  AFP calls for the expulsion of Al-Qaeda and the cessation of Taliban atrocities.
Afghans for Peace encourages the implementation of “a civilian based peace initiative that is sustainable and inclusive of all the people of Afghanistan.”  AFP is working to “spread awareness in the global Afghan community, encourage open dialogue, and discuss peaceful alternatives to war.”
Here is a (three-minute) video, recently released by Afghans for Peace.
For more information about AFP and links to its website and to some of the resources that AFP offers, please see the Afghans for Peace entry in the Peace and Justice Online Directory of Resources.
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5 Responses to Afghans for Peace Releases Video

  1. Dan Riley says:

    And who will keep the wolves from the door when you get food, accountability, justice?
    Also when a war lord has an AK in your face with a 100 armed militia men behind him there is not a lot of room for dialogue. Not in my experience anyway.
    The sad fact is that NATO is the lest corruptible armed force in Afghanistan.
    I don’t care where you come from if you believe the answer is to show up with an armload of groceries and somehow the systemic corruption will fall away with dialogue.
    You live in a fantasy world.

    • Dan- Thanks for commenting. I don’t think any of us are living “in a fantasy world.” The bottom line is that our war in Afghanistan is both illegal and immoral. We need to end the war. We need to help the Afghans to rebuilt their country. Peace- Bob for PJO

  2. Suraia Sahar says:

    Thanks for sharing the PSA video on your website!

  3. Wat Stearns says:

    Here is a petition for peace, general prosperity, and U.S. federal election reform, so that Congress will obey the people not corporations:
    If we act together now, we can still save our country, and compel Congress to stop the wars.

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